About Dentiq

Dentiq emerged from a critical observation within the dental industry: a glaring gap in comprehensive training and support for dental professionals. Recognizing the deficiencies in existing educational frameworks and the lack of specialized guidance, Dentiq set out to redefine the standards in dental laboratory work.

Founded as a boutique dental laboratory, Dentiq is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of dental care. From crafting precise dental prosthetics to offering specialized training programs, Dentiq ensures that dental professionals receive the knowledge and support needed to deliver superior patient care.

At its core, Dentiq is committed to bridging the gap between theory and practice in dentistry. By emphasizing meticulous craftsmanship and providing tailored educational resources, Dentiq empowers dental professionals to excel in their field with confidence.

Through innovation, dedication, and a passion for dental excellence, Dentiq continues to set new benchmarks in the dental industry, ensuring that every smile receives the meticulous care it deserves

Dentiq's main focusses are:

  • Aesthetic Dental Prosthetics
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Outsource design