Dentiq (Dental Services) is an independent service provider in the dental industry. We work with specific partners to provide you the latest technology and industry knowledge.
We provide basic to specialized training sessions, provide clean and well executed installations (on behalf of) and are able to consult you to optimize your workflows and increase your efficiency.
If that is not enough, we are the dedicated design service in Australia, to fulfill any design needs to the highest standard, so you can meet your due dates.

We are not aligned to a specific company, so we provide you with raw factual information to support your needs to the best.

CAD/CAM Training

from Basic to Advanced CAD trainings, Control Panel/Material settings to everything 3d-printed related.

CAD Design

no time or staff to do your CAD designing?
Let us take care of that!


pick our brain, how to optimize your digital department or workflows.

Quality designs, ready for manufacturing

Receive quality designs that are ready for direct manufacturing, independent of the CAM software you use (except CAM5©)